Geweke Hospitality

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Geweke Hospitality offers customizable and individualized services to fit your hotel's needs.

With over 25 years of experience developing, owning and managing hotels we understand that each hotel is unique in its own way, and has to be managed accordingly. From the planning stages to the opening process, and throughout the life of the hotel, we work with the owners to maximize their investment and exceed their expectations. We offer a full array of management services.
Hampton Inn & Suites - Lodi, CA
Hotel Business Plan
We provide a detailed hotel business plan for the owner to review, consisting of a sales and marketing plan, detailed budget, and capital expenditures budget. This is the hotel's road map for the future.
Sales and Marketing Program
We believe in a client centered sales approach.  We require our sales team to be in constant communication with their clients and we use the latest technology to maximize our sales teams' efforts. Our sales team is the engine that powers our hotels.
Revenue Management
Our team is proficient at maximizing rate and occupancy. We do this through daily operating controls, looking at demand, pace, and our market. We expect to be the RevPAR leader in all of our markets.
Financial Services
Providing a full suite of accounting, financial management, and reporting services, along with regular financial reviews with the owner.
Guest Service and Quality Assurance
We work to build loyalty among our guests, through hiring the right people and maintaining our properties.  We are consistently ranked in the top of our brands for loyalty and quality.
Human Resources & Talent Management
Our people are Geweke Hospitality's biggest asset.  We take great care in assembling our teams and provide consistent and continual training to maximize their potential.
Risk Management/ Insurance
We have a comprehensive risk management and safety program, working to keep guests and team members safe, and minimizing insurance costs.
Facility Maintenance Program
We place great emphasis on our facilities maintenance program, using the latest technology and training, along with monthly maintenance meetings.
Pre-Opening Services
Geweke Hospitality has opened a number of hotels.  We are experienced at working with construction companies, FF&E installers, government agencies, franchise partners, and the owner to ensure a successful opening of the hotel.
Construction Management
Our construction management team utilizes its years of experience to provide owners with a total solution, from the initial planning stages through the opening of the hotel, through renovations and FF&E replacement.

Inquiries, questions or comments will be responded to in a timely manner.  For immediate assistance, please contact our main office at:  209-333-4565.